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What You Need To Know About Having A Roommate In School 2019


I can imagine the inner joy you felt when you finally saw admitted, accept or reject on your JAMB CAPS profile or admitted on the university portal after perhaps a long wait for admission. I was once an aspirant myself and so I practically understand how it feels 😊

The next thing of course is preparing for school resumption immediately every way you possibly can and I have observed a lot of posts and comments by Freshers with this theme: I need roommates. Please I need somebody to pair with, without knowing  some of the challenges as well as benefits of having a roommate or having roommates as the case may be, especially girls who unlike guys, rarely gel together in one piece and often prone to resentments for the sake of one thing or another due to their inability to let go.

In fact, for the sake of this publication, you need to know the nitty-gritty of having a roommate or roommates as newly admitted students.

I want to first outline some of the challenges you may likely face when u have roommates.

1.  If your roommate(s) doesn’t know how to cook or presumably the non-cooking type

If you peradventure fall into this one, then you are in for a big one. It may interest you to know that food/feeding is a major expense in the university. Although food is a basic need generally, I call it expenses in universities 😟 due to the soaring and unfavourable high cost of both finished food in restaurants and raw food materials in the market, although the latter is a lot more favourable putting all factors into consideration.

On the average, a plate of food on campus cost N400 and don’t forget, you only have this food to eat once and peradventure within the next 3 hours you go hungry, that’s another N400 and you are two eat thrice a day, that is N1,200 each which amount to N24,000 in a month (20 week days with exception to weekend).

This where knowing how to cook could prove to be an asset, and having a roommate that considers cooking makes it a lot easier as your thoughts are similar on cooking thereby complementing each other’s efforts because on the average, you can cook and have that delicacy for five times for sometimes two or three days, hence saving cost, and perhaps ensuring you have some bucks in your savings account.

2. She is often dirty and not domesticated

Like I said earlier, the greater part of our focus on this publication is the female folks. All the challenges of having a roommate are found with them. In Africa, being domesticated is a virtue. As a matter of fact, being un-domesticated or acting like domestic duties doesn’t concern you as a female in Africa will only but assert the notion that such a female is a volcano waiting to erupt. Having such a roommate that falls into this category will only ensure your room is always dirty because you can’t always do the chores alone, especially as a university undergraduate since you have academic commitments too. Even if you have the grace to do that, you will only get wearied out over time and graduate habour resentment in your heart, leading to carrying grudges and before you know it, poor academic performance just stares at you since you are unable to effectively study because of the state of your mind. Here, you might consider seeing this article on How To Read And Retain *0% Of What You Have Read

Having a roommate that is domesticated shares the burden of house chores with you, if ever it is a burden. You girls can even go on routine as per who cleans the house, wash the dishes, and do this or that today or tomorrow. The benefits are numerous as it makes schooling a lot easier for you coupled with a good healthy environment to relax and refresh your mind whenever you are back from school.

Did I forget? Cleanliness is even next to Godliness. So when considering the choice of a roommate, kindly look out for number 2.

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